wedding photography has come a long way in the last 100 years and the modern wedding photographer can produce amazing works of art on a wedding day with the minimum of lighting and modern photography equipment and digital cameras. 

Wedding Photography Northern Ireland

One such wedding photographer is Shea Deighan from Northern Ireland. He is an international award-winning wedding photographer from Londonderry, and he travels to many of the best wedding venues in Northern Irelan to document the big day of the many lucky couples who book him to photograph their weddings every year. Here is a typical day in the life of a wedding photographer with a wedding story by Shea.

Documentary Wedding Photographer 

As a documentary wedding photographer, it is his job to work with the changing light and conditions on the wedding day. Weddings can be hard to photograph depending on the time of year, weather effects how you can work outside with harsh sunlight in the summer and cold and rain a constant threat in Northern Ireland. 

Reportage or documentary photography is an art in itself, timing and the art of people-watching is a rare skill and one that a seasoned professional wedding photographer has built up over years of practice and dedication to their art form. 

Wedding Photography Prices Northern Ireland

Wedding photography prices in Northern Ireland vary from £500 to £5000 and with such big differences how do you choose a photographer? Well like almost everything in life when you are buying a service or product you tend to get what you pay for and I would suggest that you budget at least £1,500 for your wedding photography and if you are in a position to afford it spend more.

A qualified full-time photographer in Northern Ireland will be an experienced wedding photographer with the benefits of insurance and a network of other photographers to call on should they become ill or injured before your wedding day. 

They will have professional photography equipment which is reliable and also have backup cameras and equipment with them to cover every eventuality in the case of failure. Choose your wedding photographer wisely and it will be an investment that you will be glad you made for years to come.

Wedding Photographer Derbyshire

One of the best wedding photographers in Derbyshire Sally Shaw Weddings has won numerous awards for her wedding photography. Recently awarded “Best Wedding Photographer” and also a finalist for “North East weddding photographer of the year”

Sally photographs weddings in Manchester, Derbyshire, Liverpool and across the North East of ENgland as well as venturing further afield and photographing weddings across the Uk and destination weddings in Europe.

Her own signature style ensures you will receive an exquisite set of images to treasure. She produces a natural and romantic style of phtography that truly capture you as a couple on yor wedding day.