Headshot photography is a growing genre in the photography industry, with more and more people needing a great quality headshot of themselves or their staff for their online promotion. Also with the rise of social business platforms such as LinkedIn, or the need for a headshot for jobs websites and even personal branding photography for entrepreneurs, it’s more important to show yourself in the best light possible and a professional headshot photo can help you in your quest to promote yourself.

Barrie Downie is a London headshot photographer who consistently creates unique, high-quality corporate headshots in London and the home counties, including Sussex, Surrey, Hamshire and Kent. No longer the preserve of board members now every company wants to show they value their staff and project a human side to their corporate image. After all, people buy from people and do business with people, not corporations so it makes sense to help your clients or customers feel at ease with your corporation but showing the faces behind the business.

If you need a great headshot photographer then get in touch with the best headshot photographer in London.

Investing your time and money in a professionally taken headshot is an investment in your personal brand. It helps to show you at your best, Many of us are awkward in front of the camera. As a result, amateur photography or a selfie with your iPhone can actually be worse than not having a headshot at all! A professional headshot photographer will show you how to stand and position yourself, they will also use lighting in the most appropriate way to flatter you. Simon Callaghan is one of the best headshot photographers in London, always in demand its best if you contact him at least two weeks before you need your individual or team headshots in London as he has a very busy diary with both Headshots and London commercial photography clients.

Now that Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media platforms are prevalent, employers use these to look at potential employees and as well as your professional abilities, it’s important you show a professional image should people be looking at your online profiles.


Headshot photography Brighton Sussex

for headshot photography in Sussex Sharron Goodyear is a Brighton based headshot photographer specialising in personal branding for entrepreneurs and headshots for small to medium size businesses.


Headshot photography Bellshill Glasgow

RB Photoworks have a fully kitted out portrait photography studio and is ideally located in Bellshill which has easy access from Glasgow and Edinburgh for busy executives looking for a professional headshot. As well as headshot for corporate clients Roz also offers fantastic profile photos for facebook, linked in and other social network as well as providing professional quality photos for dating sites. If you ar min Scotland and looking for a top wealth headshot for get in touch with RB Photoworks.