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Landscape photography by fotodayz

Workshops & Guest Photographers

We have a range of photography workshops held throughout the year and also have some of the very best photographers running our guest photography sessions

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Learn about landscape photography

Do you enjoy landscape photography and want to get more from your pictures? Do you love the Yorkshire Dales and want to capture memories?

I was shortlisted for Landscape Photographer of the year 2011. I really enjoy spending my time with you and your camera, my guests who have been coming on my landscape photography workshops in Yorkshire for the last 5 years.

• I love the challenge of getting things right in camera and want to pass this onto you.
• I make sure you capture moments that will be around for ever and ever.
• You’ll see that problem solving with lots of practise in the field creates a solid photography technique for the rest of your photography days. The key to these workshops is giving you time at one or two locations.
• Aperture, exposure, composition, ND and ND graduated filters and much more are explained throughout the day in simple non-teccie speak to encompass your specific needs.
• A maximum of 5 guests so you can benefit from maximum individual attention while we explore the Yorkshire countryside epitomised by ‘Emmerdale’ and ‘The Dales’
• Tell me what you want to learn and it will be built into the workshop if possible.
• Locations are a priority not classrooms
• It’s your day as well to relax, chat, have fun, take great photos with like minded people
• I do process images but as little as possible and very rarely use HDR.

Happy Students


I had an amazing time learning about composition and the correct use of graduated ND filters. I produced some amazing landscape photos during the course!

- James Walker

The aim of these photography courses are for you to learn more about your camera and take away a greater knowledge of your photography along with more confidence about how to capture that moment, all in the safe hands of Dorcas who is dedicated to helping your improve your skills and who has photographed this region for many years.

The group will consist of a maximum number of five participants which will ensure that Dorcas will be able to attribute plenty of time to each member of the group both in the field and in the evenings.

Information is broken down during the day, repeated often and by the end of the photography course, you will be quite surprised by how much you have expanded your technical skills in photography as well feeling at ease with your camera.

No fuss, no techie speak, just simple clear explanations as many times as you need.

The majority of the photography holidays concentrate on areas in Yorkshire – Swaledale, Malham, Flamborough with a dip outside to Kinlochewe in Glencoe.

The longer photography courses offer a bonus Photoshop/Elements session worth £60.

All midweek/weekend breaks are with single en suite rooms. Other photography 

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